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Welcome to ARGH Comics! Written and drawn by Rob Barnes.

ARGH Comics
by Rob Barnes

Con-ventional Thinking

We had a great time at MAX-Con September 10-11. Sold some comics and buttons, gave away some free coloring sheets and enjoyed some great costumes of local cosplayers.

It got me to thinking that I should start finding more venues to display and sell Gallant and Amos comics. I need to get the comic out to more people as I finish packaging more issues.

The big convention next year that I need to get to is Wizard World Comic-Con in St. Louis next year in April. I hope to have at least another issue printed or a reprint of the first issue, with a sampler of the next 3 issue story arc.

I’ve already begun plotting the story for issue 5 of Gallant and Amos and a short story to be included in the first comic book collection of Around the Block comic strips.

I have stories to share with everyone and hope that together we can build the audience to help me realize this dream.

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